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Wireless speed fluctuates

I have "Europe Dell Wireless 802.11g/n + Bluetooth v3.0+H S Card". I have reinstalled Windows 10 on my new Hard disk drive and I can see the wireless driver is "Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter". The driver version is

I can see that my wireless speed varies from 30 MBPS to 1 MBPS. I have got my work laptop IBM Lenovo and when I check the wireless speed there, it is consistently at 48-50 MBPS. I have BT HUB4 smart wireless router which automatically uses best channel and I can see it is presently channel 1.

It seems to me the problem with either wireless card or wireless driver. On my old HDD I had Dell Wireless driver and I had exactly same problem. So it looks that the wireless card is not up to the job.

I have Dell Inspiron 15 N5050 laptop which is out of warranty.

If you know any idea which can resolve the fluctuation of the wifi speed please let me know.

Thanks for looking at it.



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