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XBMC Instead of DMD?

I've recently bought a nice XPS 1530 and I'm also an avid fan of XBMC (formerly Xbox Media Centre) so the XPS was a good choice powerful with HDMI and S-video outputs.


Now not being funny but DMD is a little how can I say... unused..


Its been suggested on the XBMC forum that XBMC could be used instead of DMD, if anyone on here is a user of XBMC they will know it pretty much knocks the socks off ANY media software available FACT!


But for anyone not upto speed XBMC is not only for Xbox, it currently supports Windows, Linux, Mac as well as the trusty Xbox!


It also has a LIVE version which will boot on any compatable machine via DVD disk or USB stick! so it will boot off the DMD button if configured OR within windows/linux also.




This will add HUGE potential to your equipment!! and lets be honest in the global climate this has to be worth a look!


Hook your XBMC equipped Dell hardware upto any TV/monitor/projector press the XDMC button and you have THE BEST media centre available, pctures, movies, music all can be read loacally or from net shares, YouTube, Apple movie trailers, pod casts you name it! This software leaves anything created by Microsoft or Apple in the dust!


How can this info be passed on to someone within Dell that would give it a look?



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MediaDirect is actually Cyberlink software re-branded.


I guess the bottom line is that no one actually uses the media functions enough to warrant changing anything. The only thing I'd use Media Center for is TV, for example. I just use some lighter-weight player for everything else.

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But thats like saying well its rough enough... leave it alone... it has the chance to be fantastic! Team XBMC as far as I know are just after recognition not royalties... so with software this good up for grabs it surely warrents a look....
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