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XPS 12 9250 - Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Settings

For my XPS 12 9250, under the power scheme, there is only one setting for Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Settings, which is 6.0W@2.8GHz. This is the only setting for both on battery and plugged in.

The Intel m5-6y54 has a TDP of 4.5w and can be configured up to 7w or down to 3.5w. I believe in other mobile systems, users have the ability to select a lower power mode while on battery to extend battery life (at expense of performance).

Given that the XPS 12 has short battery life (when comparing to its peers), shouldn't it make sense for Dell to enter a setting within the chipset thermal framework to allow the cpu to operate at a lower power setting for longer battery life?

I certainly would want that option. Is that something that Dell can implement?