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XPS 12 9250 Problems

I bought a new 9250 recently and I like it so far. My previous tablet is a Dell Venue 11 Pro 7139, and I took out my 4G LTE card and sim and put in the the 9250 with no issues. The biggest problem I'm having is that I cannot boot from USB at all. I have a passive USB-C to USB 3.0 female cable and while it works just fine in Windows 10 with mice, a flash drive and a keyboard, the BIOS does not recognize any USB device I plug in. I even purchased a USB3.1 flash drive so I could try booting from that, and even it didn't work. This prevents me from installing a new OS to the tablet on my newly purchased PCIe M.2 SSD. 

Since the Samsung 950 M.2 SSD is very new, there aren't any USB enclosures that will work with it, so I can't even clone my OS to it. I'm waiting on a MSATA based M.2 SSD since there are USB enclosures that work with these types of SSDs. 

Is anyone else having a problem booting from USB on these tablets?

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Windows 10 automatically recognized the ME906V 4G card.  I'm on T-Mobile and not Sprint, so I don't know if it'll work with sprint.  The card is unlocked, however.

I'm not sure of any existing SIM compatibility matrix, but this tablet is the consumer version of the Latitude 12 7000 (7275) which is 4G compatible (and the SIM card slot isn't blocked), so you might want to search for the Latitude model.

Just so you know, if you really want to put a SIM card in your 9250, be aware that unless you use a dremel tool or something similar to cut the case, you won't be able to re-insert the SIM card without taking the tablet apart again.  See the following link for more info:

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Haven't tried booting from USB yet, but I am quite sure it can boot from the microSD slot.

The 950 M2 is a x4 which may be overkilled on the 9250 (which is a x2 M2). Which M.2 SSD would you recommended ?

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I'd recommend the Samsung 850 SATA-based M.2 SSD.  There are enclosures for them that will allow you to clone your current drive from within Windows.  I didn't know that you could boot from the microSD slot!

The 950 M.2 (which is PCIe based) may be overkill, but it is currently the fastest M.2 SSD on the market. I just assumed that one would be able to boot from a USB key from the computer like any other current computer in existence.  

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I have the same issue with my computer w.r.t. the USB port and device recognition. This is simply crazy. Tried installing a bunch of Thunderbolt and USB drivers, but with no luck.

Any thoughts?

What's a 4G LTE Card & sim? Is there a place to directly plug a SIM chip into the 9250? 

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I've solved the original issue.  With PCIe-based M.2 SSD, this tablet won't allow you to choose any other boot device.  I ended up buying a SATA-based M.2 SSD, and I could select any boot device.  I put the new SSD in an external  M.2 enclosure and cloned my drive.  I ended up having to boot from a restore key to restore the tablet to factory spec after putting in a bigger SSD.

In regards to the 4G question, you can buy an unlocked 4G card to put into your tablet and use it with any carrier.  Each XPS 12 has a built-in sim card slot, but it is blocked by the casing and you'll need to remove the motherboard to put it in.  The card I bought was a ME906V by Huawei.  You can open the tablet and swap the SSD and put in a Mini-PCIe 4G card by following the Dell service manual found here:

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Thanks for the information, NUJacob.

Regarding my first question, I should elaborate. For the past couple of weeks, the USB-C ports are not recognizing any device attached in Win10. I'm using a connector from a standard USB to USB-C which has worked previously with external hard drives on this machine.

The standard solutions, such as checking device manager for the exclamation point, uninstalling the USB devices from device manager (and then rebooting to have Windows naturally reinstall them), disabling power save for USB attached devices, are all not resolving the situation. 

Any thoughts as to what may be happening? How can I resolve this? Thanks.

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It sounds like your usb-c cable is bad. 

I bought a pluggable-brand usb-c to female usb 3 passive cable from Amazon before my XPS 12 came in:

Also, a Google engineer has been testing various usb-c cables and advising people on which ones to buy on Amazon, as it seems that there are a bunch of badly designed and engineered cables out there:

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Thank you. However, I have multiple connectors, and none are working (suddenly over the past two weeks). They were working before.

One more item: when I plug in a USB device via the USB-C connector, in device manager the following two devices appear new (with no issues apparently): Intel(R) USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.10 (Microsoft) & USB Root Hub (xHCI) - but their appearance in device manager is odd considering file manager and the computer are not recognizing the attached devices.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.


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Hello - my USB-C connection issue seems to be resolved with purchasing a new USB-C connector. While the most obvious problem, it appears multiple connectors went bad all at the same time.

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I just got a 9250. Other than the atrocious battery life (I went out and got a external Dell battery to deal with that) I am quite pleased and have not experienced some of the issues early users of this device have had. I, too, would like cellular data access in a pinch and learned from your posting that this is possible without too much difficulty. However, before I pry open the case, I need to know about SIM compatibility as well as drivers for the ME906V, which is readily available for <$50.

I know Dell has older Win8 drivers for their OEM modems in their older devices.  Did Windows 10 recognize your ME906V automatically?

As for the SIM card, I know it takes a micro SIM, but I want to use a very cheap Sprint MVNO for service, and I know from past experience (the Samsung S4 and S4 mini use different models of Sprint micro SIM for instance) that the model type of micro SIM can make a difference. Since Dell doesn't officially support cellular connectivity, at least in the US market, for the 9250 (the hardware capability notwithstanding) I cannot find a SIM compatibility matrix. I really would rather not be opening and closing the unit using trial and error.

So, is there any advice you could give me or a resource I can turn to? I have been searching in vain for any definitive answers before I'm confident in proceeding.

Thanks, Nick

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