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XPS 12 (9Q33, Mid 2013) (Outlet Laptop Problems)

I purchased an XPS 12 for my daughter to start college this fall and it has been a complete nightmare. I ordered the laptop on Jun 19th 2014 form the outlet store. When the laptop arrived the screen was out of alignment and would not flip properly without separating the screen. Dell tried to blame it on shipping but it was very obvious it was not tested and left dell with the alignment problem. They replaced that laptop with another refurbished one which I received on July 1st. This replacement one only had a 256 GB SSD Hard Drive where my original one had a 500 GB SSD Drive, but that was the least of my problems. The replacement laptop turns off expectantly and constantly. Sometimes during boot up and sometimes within windows. I have to try to power it up 3-10 times to get it to boot. It is not Windows or an app crashing, I have experienced that for decades and this is very different. It just turns off. I spent about 5 hours with dell’s premium support, which I can’t image is premium to anything, only to have Bombay determine that my hard drive needs to be replaced. It is not that they believe my hard drive is defective but they think it is a software issue. (at least they are sending a 500GB like was originally supplied with my system). A huge part of the five hours was spent because dell did not have the service tag register for my replacement unit so they kept telling me my laptop had no warranty even though I bought the extended premium service. I just hate that I have to go through this BS and have more days without a usable laptop for my daughter.
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RE: XPS 12 (9Q33, Mid 2013) (Outlet Laptop Problems)

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