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XPS 12 9Q33 Need to reset BIOS *ADMIN* password

We have two XPS12 9Q33 units that have the BIOS Admin password set, but no one left in the department knows the password. We've tried all the normal variants to no avail.

Yesterday I spoke with out of warranty support, and the gentleman was unable to help as from his documentation this computer has a Phoenix BIOS, while in reality all the units we have are AMI BIOS. We have 12 of these units, but only these two have the admin password set.

Does anyone know of a way to reset the BIOS ADMIN password? Not the system password, we have that, it's specifically the ADMIN password. Support yesterday was very frustrating in trying to get them to simply listen to what our problem was so I gave up on that and came here.

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RE: XPS 12 9Q33 Need to reset BIOS *ADMIN* password


You will need to call Dell Support to have them reset the bios admin password on your computers. The number to call is Technical support1 (800) 999-3355. They will verify ownership of the computer and then proceed to provide information...

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