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XPS 13 (9333) Two finger scrolling in Outlook 2013 does not work as expected

Hi There,

Outlook 2013 has three or four areas where you can perform a vertical scroll.  On any other computer that I have used, including a MacBook Air with Windows 8.1, and a Dell Optiplex with Windows 8.1 and an external mouse with scroll wheel, when I hover in any of these 4 areas of outlook and initiate either a Two finger scroll (MacBook Air) or scroll with wheel, the area that scrolls is the area that i am hovered over regardless if i have first clicked inside that area.

This is the normal behaviour i have always experienced.  You don't need to click into the area to scroll that area, the mouse over the area determines which area will vertically scroll.

This is NOT The case on the Dell XPS 13 (9333) and it is extremely frustrating.  I have to CLICK inside the area first, and then the scrolling happens..  This is a poor user experience.  Dell, can you please help me fix this??!!

Thank you