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XPS 13 9343 Windows 10 won't connect to a specific wifi router

My XPS 13 9343 connects to wifi networks with no problem but struggles to connect to one specific sky router. It used to connect to it with no issues and the other day it decided it wouldn't. It can see the router but shows a very low wifi signal and then says It can't connect to this network. Then after about 30min it will connect itself and stay connected for maybe an hour and then disconnect and refuse to connect again for at least 30min maybe longer. Resetting the laptop, wireless adapter or router has no effect.

No other devices connected to the router have any problem such as iphones, ipads and other laptops. I have also reset to default settings on the router.

My Dell is windows 10 with all updates installed and wireless adapter was last updated Dec 15 so doesn't seem to be associated with this issue as this problem has only started the last couple of weeks. I can't make any sense of it as nothing seems to have changed with the router or laptop since the problem started or right before, I can't even see any recent laptop updates. Does anyone know what it might be, I believe it to be the laptop rather than router and have had historical problems with this laptop and its wifi refusing to connect since I updated to windows 10 but it has usually been with public wifi connections rather than home connections.

My adapter is a Broadcom 802.11 version 7.35.333.0


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