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XPS 13 9350 - Samsung PM951 NVMe - RAID to AHCI?


After a few tests, I have discovered that I am only getting read speeds of 650 and write speeds of 300 using Crystal Disk - with the data at default and 0 fill.  Should the read speed not be in the region of 1500?

I believe it's using the standard windows 10 driver.

I see in the BIOS that it's in RAID mode.  Could I simply change this to AHCI without affect the current installation?  Would this increase the speed?

Is there anything else I haven't taken into account?


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Hello!  Yes and no.  I am going to assume this SSD didn't come with the computer?  If that is correct, Samsung has some software called Magic something that you download and it reworks how windows uses the SSD so your read speeds are much faster during certain IO tasks.  As for the BIOS, the RAID option is used for Intel Caching Technology or other purposes and I think Dell just turns it on and leaves it on to make it easier for them.  As far as I know, if you switch it to AHCI (which shouldn't make a difference speed wise), your computer will fail to boot.

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Thanks Beamer.

The PM951 NVMe 256gb came with the XPS.

Can I use the 950 Pro on Samsung's website?

How can I optimise my drive without re-formatting?

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You can, but I thought the PM951 was in the same class as the 950 so I dont think you will get any speed difference.  I think if you want the boost, you should download that software from samsung's site.

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AHCI and RAID have no bearing on NVME drives -- they only affect SATA drives.

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