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XPS 13 9350 turns itself on and sometimes won't turn off.

It is unpredictable and it happens a few times per week/month.

Sometimes it won't turn off/hibernate/sleep (it just blinks and goes to flight mode instead).

Sometimes after being off for hours it will spontaneously turn on (the noise wakes me up in the middle of the night) and it remains on and super hot until it drains all the power in the battery.

I talked to Dell support for hours, they updated driver, I had already updated them, but the problem continues. I always update to the latest drivers but the problem continues.

Any suggestions?

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RE: XPS 13 9350 turns itself on and sometimes won't turn off.

All of these sleep, hibernate, and hybrid sleep modes lead to issues. I have tried drivers, operating system reinstalls, etc. no real fix was ever found for my laptops. I have disabled all sleep and hibernate functions. You should simply turn it off at night like I do =
* Plug the laptop AC adapter in
* Close/Save all open programs/software
* Click Start- Shutdown- Shutdown- Ok

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RE: XPS 13 9350 turns itself on and sometimes won't turn off.

This has been a recurrent problem since my XPS13 was new in 2015. Sometimes it goes away, but after the latest MS update (I am not sure if that has anything to do with it) it refuses even to switch off. Turning off sleep makes it difficult for a highly mobile user as it takes a long time to shut down multiple windows when you have to, say, run to board your flight. If it is a known and long running problem why wont Dell sort it out if it is a software clash? I ve had other notebooks previously incl one fr Dell, and sleep and hibernation worked, no problems. The 'waking up in bag hot' problem is particularly nasty, and probably killed off a few of my batteries early.