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XPS 13 9360 - Audio issues - Headphone Jack not working - Realtek MaxAudio menu comes and goes.

I’m usually terrible at doing my fair share of posting solutions on the internet but found time for this one.  Come on Dell!  My wife just bought me this great new XPS for Christmas and the headphone jack first requires me to tell the laptop that there is a headphone plugged in to work…..then the menu disappeared altogether and the headphone jack was useless.   My kid’s (2 year old) ipad seems to have no issues detecting a headphone plugged in and he laughs at daddy struggling with his new laptop.  Solution:  I gave updating and rolling back drivers provided by Dell and went to the Realtek site and downloading their drivers and installing.   (HOME > Downloads > Computer Peripheral ICs > PC Audio Codecs > High Definition Audio Codecs > Software).  I at least got the headphone jack to work again,  but will apparently just have to deal with the “MaxAudioPro” menu that appears and asks me what I just stuck into the headphone jack.  I verbally say “well MaxAudioPro, it is a headphone jack with a image of a headphone next to it,  what do you think I plugged in?”

Again,  Come on Dell.  Fairly steamed here.  ….brand new laptop,  I’m not going to return it because it was a very expensive gift, and I won't dedicate time to sit on the phone with tech support because of a home issue, and I don’t need high end stuff.  I just need the brand new laptop to work or for it to fix itself with the darn (and somewhat intrusive) “Dell System update” that should know that there is apparently drivers available that work.

Furthermore,  I understand if this is a new issue and you need a couple months to get out in front of this, but there are posts all over that discuss "realtek audio issues Dell XPS" for years now...

I have about a 25 one and off again relationship with Dell, I root for my friends in Austin to get this figured out.

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RE: XPS 13 9360 - Audio issues - Headphone Jack not working - Realtek MaxAudio menu comes and goes.

Because they moved to the combined audio port, they removed the option to turn off the popup.  So you will likely see that continue.  It can be useful if you use multiple devices, such as External Speakers so you can set preferences for each device.

One thing about the process I find irritating is having to select the OK button, even when the popup shows the correct device.  They need to allow the ability to just use the enter key or any key to continue the process if the correct device is already selected..


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