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XPS 13 - 9360 : Creaking Frame (5 months old)


At first I thought it was the hinges, but now, I think otherwise. The frame is creaking pretty loudly when I move the laptop on my lap. If I lay my fingers underneath, I can occasionally feel a light pop - or at least a hint of mouvement.

Is that type of stuff covered in the warranty? The computer is definitely not old. My original purchase was in October 2016, but I had it replaced in November 2016. We are talking of a 5 months old expensive laptop creaking like a 5 year old cheap Acer -_-. The laptop has been taken care of. It rarely leaves the house, it is handled with care and it has a fluffy dell sleeve to sleep in.

Also, this system has coil whine - I'm waiting for the revision to be out to get it fixed. Apparently, it is there, simply not available for on-site repairs yet. Any news of this?

*I'll make a video and link it later today. I'll use that when dealing with the technical support.


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RE: XPS 13 - 9360 : Creaking Frame (5 months old)

Hi gardiner.d,

Thanks for posting. If you are having difficulties with your system, please perform system diagnostics: www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/4/DSN_155502 and contact Tech Support for troubleshooting.

Dell-Robert P
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