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XPS 13 (9360) Kaby Lake

A few days ago I got the new 9360 with a standard configuration. In general a very nice piece of hardware. I do have a problem however (I am guessing it is the network killer driver). Of course I have been updating all available new drivers including 2DNC8_WN32_1.1.61.1297_A01.EXE

I am an online chessplayer using a chessserver (playchess). Since switching to the XPS 13 I have lag times not experienced before. I have been online multiple times and the result is very much the same. Funny with my 'old ASUS UX31'  I have no such issues. At home I am connected to the same network, and my internet connection is via coax cable.

Since I thought this could not be true I did another test and set the Dell and the ASUS to do a ping test.

Firstly I pinged simultaneous (2 finger system) the chess server which is a long distance from my location (Australia to Germany) and then I pinged google. 

Out of 10 tries the ASUS got 8 times the better ping times then the DELL for both the chess server and google. The ping times for google were of course shorter then the chess server.

Beats me, any idea anyone.


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