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XPS 13 DE 9350 - touchpad lost on suspend

Hello, I bought a new XPS 13 DE (9350) and installed debian on it, unfortunatly I'm facing a quite annoying problem, every time I suspend the system there is a chance that when it wakes it doesn't recognize the touchpad anymore, if I left the system supended for some hours (say 5-6) it always happen, if it is for just an hour or so sometime it happens sometime no.

I'm using debian testing with kernel 4.6 but it happens also with 4.5, after a wake up after which the touchpad isn't working I noticed these kind of errors in dmesg:

i2c_hid i2c-DLL0704:01: failed to retrieve report from device

i2c_hid: probe of i2c-DLL0704:01 failed with error -5

I can "reproduce" them by unloading and reloading the module i2c-hid.

Any suggestion?


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