XPS 13,I7, SSD 256GB purchased 2016

Is anyone having problems with streaming video and audio? My paltry iPad can stream the videos without a flaw. Why can't my latest generation Dell XPS 13 stream the video with getting choppy audio and video at regular intervals? The XPS 13 was twice as much as my iPad.

I am not a troll. I'm a Dell employee that has purchased this laptop via the employee purchase program.

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RE: XPS 13,I7, SSD 256GB purchased 2016


Users have reported these issues in Windows 10 as well as after installing updates. Click the link below for information resolving the sound issues in Windows 10. On the second link you can click to see what others have done to resolve the issue as well.

Windows 10 – Audio Troubleshooting Tips

Windows 10 Audio Stuttering Issues

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RE: XPS 13,I7, SSD 256GB purchased 2016

Need more info.  What are you trying to stream and from where and over what kind of connection?  I have an XPS 13 9350 I7 QHD+ and don't have any problems streaming 5000kbps mp4's from drives on my home network or YouTube 4k video.

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