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XPS 13 - L322X - fan on and off even when it's cold...

Hi, I’ve had my Dell XPS 13 laptop for over a year now and to date I still find very irritating and distracting hearing the fan going on and off for no apparent reason while I’m working.


I decided to post again regarding this same topic ( this is my third) as this time the room I’m in is really cold at the moment, also the laptop is freezing as It’s been in the room all day. As it was quite cool I was expecting the fan to calm down a little compared to other occasions. To my surprise the laptop’s fan is going on and off as if it was a summer day.


Since I started writing this email the fan has started and stopped 4/5 times, starting loud at the beginning and then calming down a little until it’s completely silent and then off it goes again.


I’ve been told by DELL that as it’s a small laptop it constantly needs cooling down so the fan goes off more frequently, this doesn’t make much sense  to me as the whole laptop is still cold.


Anyway I know I won’t get a response  with a working solution but thought I’d post it anyway.



(The fan has just gone off again making it 6 times… it’s just annoying as, at least to me, it was a very expensive purchase).

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