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XPS 13 L322X freezes when on battery

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been posted before but my XPS 13 from 2013 freezes constantly when running unplugged from the power (battery mode).

What happens is the monitor goes weird and the sound freezes giving an annoying noise.

I believe this started happening when I updated to windows 10, but I'm not sure.

I formated the disc and resintalled everything, which seemed to help for the first couple of days and then everything went back to as it was.

Do you think it's some sort of driver problems?

I'm really upset with this because I bought a top of the line (at the time) laptop and now I can't use it unplugged! Smiley Sad

Thanks for your help!


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RE: XPS 13 L322X freezes when on battery


This is what I've tried so far without any results:

- Update the drivers
- Update BIOS
- Reinstall Windows 10

- Connect an external monitor and run only through the monitor
- Install Ubuntu
- Replace the battery with a new one from Dell
- Ran a Mem Test and Disk Test, all passed

Do you have any suggestions?

If I need to get a new motherboard / CPU / RAM, where can I get it in the UK?


I still have this issue, this is what happens:

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