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XPS 13 L322X


I have read a number of these posts (something similar to this one) but my issue is slightly different. When I power up (on battery or cable) my screen doesn't show the Dell logo, it remains black throughout. I have managed to connect to an external TV via DisplayPort / HDMI and duplicate / second screen only project my laptop.

With this in mind, I have managed to run BIOS diagnostic and Dell diagnostic (although this only looked at Memory & HDD) and there doesn't appear to be an issue with the video in any of the diagnostics. I have system restored previous version and my next step is to completly wipe and reinstall a fresh copy of W10 - unless any thinks that the above attached solution may do something?

Is there any advice out there on the screen remaining black at all times - no logo showing and possible steps to identify what might be causing the issue? Mid to high level of technical capability so please any and all answers on a postcard Smiley Happy



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RE: XPS 13 L322X


Run a complete diagnostics on the system by following the information below to see if any other hardware may be faulty.

New features
Dell ePSA (Enhanced Pre–boot System Assessment) introduces the following new features over the existing PSA.

Graphical User Interface.
Automatic Default Operation- runs test on all devices, allowing a user to interrupt and select any device.
Checks the Master Boot Record for readiness to boot into a full OS environment.
Notebook panel test (notebooks only)
Video memory test
Battery test (notebooks only)
Charger test (notebooks only)
Fan test
Event log scan
Multiprocessor cache test
Configuration - displaying cable connectivity and Bluetooth, WLAN, WWAN devices installation status.
System Health - displaying fan, battery, thermal, connectivity indicators
Launching ePSA
As soon as you sell the DELL logo, tap <F12> until you see the one-time boot menu.
Select Diagnostics.
Testing Devices using ePSA
The ePSA starts running the quick test without waiting for user input.
To select a specific device to test, users can tap the Esc key.

A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer. NOTE:
The Touchpad/Mouse will be non–functional when the test is in progress. This is as per design

The following list shows the tests that ePSA is capable of running. However, some tests are applicable to portables and some to desktops.

Hard Drive
Video Card
Notebook Panel (Portables only)
Primary Battery (Portables only)
Charger (Portables only)
Rear Fan
Eventlog Scan
Multi-Processor Cache

Users can choose between Quick and Thorough test modes.

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