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XPS 13 Left USB issue

This issue is discussed in detail at :


but no dell representative is around to comment / support.

The main point of failure is:

Some devices do not work well when plugged into the left usb port of Dell XPS 13 

Devices that have been tried:

USB3 WD Passport External Hard disk drive - hard drive does not even mount when connected to left USB, whereas it works perfectly on the right USB
Unifying Receiver - mouse does not work  when used around 30cm away. I have tried this with 2 different unifying receiver, and the result is the same. At the right usb, the mouse works perfect

other users have also reported that their android phone does not mount on the left USB but right USB works good.

I have contacted Dell support and had even changed the daughterboard that host the left USB, but the issue remains. I hope Dell can provide a solution to this issue.

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Re: XPS 13 Left USB issue

Can you open a bug report on Launchpad? I'm sorry you have been having a bad experience with this issue.

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Re: XPS 13 Left USB issue

No worries, I hope the issue will be resolved asap or at least some sort of confirmation.

As per your request, I have open a bug report at bugs.launchpad.net/.../1213148

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RE: XPS 13 Left USB issue

I'm having some major issues with my xps13 sputnik machines (acquired under enterprise account).  the left USB port will not function at USB 3.0 speeds.  Some have submitted on launchpad similar issue (https://bugs.launchpad.net/dell-sputnik/+bug/1213148) and Pro support is giving me a hard time saying only thing that can be done is wait for a BIOS update.  

Anyone at Dell over there can help???

Much thanks!


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