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XPS 13 NOT functional with external monitor

I purchased three external port docs since purchasing the xps laptop.  The laptop I love.  But I've now invested about $600 in IT support and fooling around with various dock ports.  The jcreate simple monitor port worked at one of my two office locations.  I have a brand new HP Pavillon 23cw monitor (hdmi port)  that I cannot use; the monitor works with other laptops. 

Dell support suggested the D1000 port station which I purchased.  It also does not work (after 3 hours of useless Dell support time - their people don't have a clue!).

I see I have a mini port on the laptop.  Should I purchase a HDMI mini port adapter so I can connect the monitor directly to the laptop, not use the port, even though the adapter may be glitchy?  What works???? I have wasted much time and effort on this issue.  As a small business person Dell is loosing a lot of credibility with me on this one.

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RE: XPS 13 NOT functional with external monitor

I have an XPS 9350 which I also (used to love) and have been running it from day one with an Apple A1641 adapter which is a male Thunderbolt in and full size HDMI, USB 3.0 and female Thunderbolt out.  I actually have two of them and they both work fine. Sometimes you have to plug it in twice but that's the only problem I have found.