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XPS 14 fan noise

I have an issue with my new xps 14 i7. The fan noise is just
annoying and never stops!
Even if I'm on a webpage or/and listen music, the fan works like I
play a videogame...
I never have a minute without that sound and it makes me crazy! I also
notice that the CPU frequency up and down all the time even with a
webpage opened...(saw with intel turbo boost manager). The CPU also
uses the turbo boost with no or few activities..


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Re: XPS 14 fan noise

dell recommendation

-update to the latest bio version

-clean the air vents

This is a new laptop, just had it on day one.

My current bio is the latest A04 come standard,

Not too sure about cleaning the air vents will help, sin this is really new


Is there any other use full solution you can reconment to me?

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Re: XPS 14 fan noise

Sorry but if its anything like what happened with the Dell Studio 1558 and the terrible fan noise. Dell wont even bother to fix the issue its been 2 years now all they did is update the bios which did nothing. For some users they said replacing the fan helped however for most we are using laptops with horrible fan noise and dell still have not a fix......

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Re: XPS 14 fan noise

Dell replaced my XPS 14 fan, but still noisy.

Now they won't send anyone else out as they think it will stay noisy.

With over 200 Dell laptops in house I can't recommend the XPS 14.

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