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XPS 15 1tb + 32gb ssd Hard drive configuration

I have just bought an XPS15 9550-8076 from an outlet store and it came with a 1tb hdd + 32gb SSD.

Currently the OS is installed to the 32gb ssd and the 1tb is just set as a data drive.

Immediately im having issues as the OS drive is tiny and i have managed to almost max it out just installing office.

Looking online it seems that the SSD should be a cache drive and the OS should be installed on the 1tb, is that correct?

I spoke to dell technical support earlier asking this question and I was told that the OS should be on the SSD as i received it, however the person i was speaking to did not sound very confident or like he understood exactly what i was asking.

I'm wondering if having bought from an outlet store this was returned and restored incorrectly.

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RE: XPS 15 1tb + 32gb ssd Hard drive configuration

The OS should not have been installed to the 32G drive.  It sounds like someone reinstalled the OS incorrectly.

You'll need a set of recovery media to reload the OS to the hard drive.  Once that's done you can use the Intel RST utility to set up the cache drive.

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