RE: XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?

Hi Mike,

Thank you. I thought this was the case. I'll wait rather than raise a support call at this time given there's no guarantee the problem will be fixed with a MB replacement.

I'm on machine #2 also. The longer these problems persist, the more disappointed I become. It's a huge shame that such a small thing detracts from what would otherwise be the most awesome notebook of ever owned or used.

FYI: There is an A02 BIOS update from January.


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RE: XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?

Hello all,

This is ridiculous. Premium Customer Service is telling me they are investigating the problem, they captured new machines... but in the end we are still waiting for a solution that is not coming and I am wondering if it will come one day. As it was mentioned previously in this thread, with the R&D capabilities it has, Dell could find a solution quickly. Do they really want to find it? I am not sure as this problem is publicly known for months now and no one has had a solution.

Let's cross fingers!

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RE: XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?


I have tried the latest BIOS version on both with no success. Just to avoid any confusion the A00 I was referring to was the actual hardware version of the motherboard hence no new development from DELL. I'm starting to believe that there is actually a fundamental flaw with the heat sink/ isolation of the processor but fingers crossed for a BIOS update to be sufficient. Other issues I have and especially on the second machine are : huge gap between the touch pad and the actual chassis on  the right hand side and the plastic cover meant to cover the hinge has again a massive gap on the right hand side and no gap on the left, but this are things I can easily live with. However it says a lot about the quality control at DELL. The missus has recently purchased a HP Spectre 13 and the bloody thing is gourgeus and perfect finish wise.

Any way, I still have my faith in DELL( or do I ?!).


P.S CC, do not try a fix. If anything the engineer will open a brand new sealed unit and make a big mess. My machine is left with a small gap about 2 mm on the right hand side. Believe it or not did not observed it before he left. Oh and also he must have aligned the fans wrong because now on the slightest move of the machine one of the fans makes a funny noise as if it's catching something. Hope this helps.q

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RE: XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?

Hi All,

I really like the XPS 15 9530.

Great spec's etc....and I was about to order.

But reading these issues is of great concern - £1500+ it has to be right.

If I order today the soonest ship date is quoted 14 Apr. quite a way off.

So is there a solution and they are waiting for parts so new machines don't have the problem.

looking forward to hearing from Dell-Terry about progress - as many of you are.


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RE: XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?


Like you said, it is a great laptop, i love it !  and we have to know me and you and all other buyers that nobody would like to buy a NEW DEVICE that act like an old one, making some NOISES !!!!  I ordered mine February 18,  and will have it next week, mean march 24,  before i bought it, i read in the forum like you, asking some owners if DELL with such as great machine they build, do they about to find a solution to the NOISE, and well answer always NO,  and trust me, ALL XPS 15 9530  have this noise that make people uncomfortable working with the computer, specially people who like working on quiet Environment, i have my cousin, he already have one, he's a programmer, when he find himself in a  room with other programmers, they always complain about him, saying mannn, change your computer fan (they always think, that it is the fan) , is that a new laptop ? WHY THIS NOISE ? and the poor guy could not say anything, he decided to send it back to DELL, they replace it, after it was worst,  but in spite of all oh this, my love for the laptop was not gone, i order it, because DELL should know that they have to find a solution, it is not about sell the LAPTOP and make MONEY, they have to give us, sell us a good device,  well i still have hope,  On March 24, i will receive Mine, and at this time, i will make an UNBOXING VIDEO, and i will make other ONES USING it, and let see if in the newest version they tried to fix the issue or they just care about take our money, I am sorry i forget to tell you how much i spent for the LAPTOP, i spent 2080 EUROS, 512 SSD version i tool with 16 GB RAM, well but at the end  DSHICKLE15Z ,  you have to choose either buy it or not,  personally, i waiting for mine, if unfortunately it is like the others, i will send it back,  TILL they find a solution or Give me a full refund, even i know it is going to be difficult to get my money back.  And with a full refund, i will go for another laptop from another company. 


But i do not wish that, i wish only that they find a solution, because after all it is a great laptop. 



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RE: XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?

As far as I know, every step you want to make with Dell is difficult.

Below is my experience of refund because of the noise issue. Note that before going for refund, I sent the machine to depot center and it was kept there for a month. Finally, they sent back a bricked machine.

Feb 28th: Got a call from Dell that my refund has been approved. They're sending the bricked machine from depot center to me.

March 6th: Received the bricked machine. Made a phone call to arrange a pickup date. After being questioned for an hour,  forwarded from tech department to customer care, then back to tech department, the technician closed my original ticket and started a new ticket. Yet, the pickup date is to be decided.

March 14th: Nothing happened for a week. Called again. Gave them the right address for pickup. The technician said that he arranged a pickup for me on 17th March.

March 17th: Waited a whole day for pickup. Nothing happened.

March 18th: Called again. The technician said that there's no arranged pickup on 17th March. Nor is there any history of my calling on March 17th. The arranged pickup date he could see is 27th March. And the earliest he could make is 24th March.

So, now, I have to wait another week. I could already see that they would come up with some other excuse next week.

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RE: XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?


I feel that you have been and still be in a lot of trouble with DELL for this refund,  all we know is that they won't take our money easy like that,  like you said wait for an another excuse from them,  that's probably will happen. 

I am setting Up a website, in case things goes wrong to publish their bullshit, keep any proof you have, because you see emoticon.Smile.title  when we were ordering the laptop, things was fast like hell, but for a refund, you have to be patient and wait for a decade.  I am not  concern that much as you are for a refund  because i do not even get my XPS 15 yet, i will on march 24, but i am praying GOD that everything work fine, otherwise, i will have to make these STEPS like you did, and still doing.


1- SEND IT BACK (Fake Dell Technician  will revise it and make it Worst )

2 - SEND IT BACK TO YOU ( Become worst )

3 - ASK FOR A REFUND (They like money, they do not like to fix things, so you will have to follow thousands of process, to know if you even have the chance to get your money back


In the mean time, do you know another PC COMPANY that we can buy a great device  without NOISE ?  

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RE: XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?


Yes - the final decision is mine.

In the end there is no real alternative to this spec of laptop.

Especially when you take the weight of the machine. According to the Dell site it is about 2.2kg

Most other similar configured laptops are 2.6kg+

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RE: XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?

I have not posted an update recently as I have not had any updates.   Dell is still investigating the reports of abnormal noise (coil whine) on the XPS 15 9530.  Dell is still collecting systems from the field for testing.  Of the tested system, a number where found to be close to specifications although there were a few that was obviously louder than others. 

If you have a XPS 15 and you simply cannot live with the noise you may consider having a service. I have set up a few services and although a few has reported no improvement, I have received feedback from some that the service has helped reduce the noise.

Dell is still working on this and once I receive any further updates I will post here.



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RE: XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?

Dear Terry,

You realise that this is not medicine or astrophysics, right? There is no "a service may fix the problem". The problem is simple. Some particular piece of hardware produces this noise. In order to fix it you just have to replace the part. No software or BIOS can fix this issue (unless the problem is called by some extreme voltage in the circuit that can be adjusted by the firmware of the machine). Given Dell's equipment and labs a noisy part or a wrong voltage can be found in a single day. So, telling us that there are no news or that Dell is still trying to fix the problem is a huge lie and shows extreme disrespect to us. I understand that you are not an engineer but I would suggest you look into the technical stuff of the issue yourself in order to realise that Dell is telling you BS in order to keep the forum users calm. You can not just post and lie to our face, this is very rude, I hope you understand that. Nevertheless I mean no offence, you are just doing your job and you are forwarding what the technical department is telling you. Just keep in mind that WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU.

Thank you.