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XPS 15 9530, strange speaker problem

Dear community,

I recently came across a weird yet interesting problem with my laptop (XPS 15 9530). The speakers seem not to work properly. They work on and off, but not exactly randomly. For example, they I can always hear the operating system opening sound (I am using Linux mint 17.2) but systematically after that the laptop speakers stop working. I can use USB speakers or headphones. Interestingly enough, the laptop speakers sometimes start to work again after I stop using USB speakers.

I have also tried in windows, and they seem not to be working at all.

Any help would be very appreciated. I love my laptop, I want it to work!



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RE: XPS 15 9530, strange speaker problem


Thank you for writing to us.

If the internal speakers fail to work with both os( Linux and windows ) then its an hardware issue.

I would ask you to confirm if the same issue is seen in safemode as well.And send the service tag of the system via private message so that I can check the system details to assist you further.


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