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XPS 15 9550, Audio Crackling noise.

XPS 15 9550, i've updated audio driver and tried few suggestions from forum but its still same..

it makes crackling noise when the sound level goes up to 30. 

i turned off maxxaudio, dell diag control device atm. 

is there any help i can do? 

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Mine has the same problem. I'm on debian 9 Stretch and the left speaker makes a crackling noise when the sound level is above 30% and when the sound is too "bass"-y. The problem started since end of July. I guess the speaker is broken. The problem is that I cannot find a local tech support and I cann't be without my laptop the next 3 months due to project deadlines.

Could you help me or suggest me any solutions?

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Is this the same when headphone is attached?

The speakers might need replacing. Is the system in warranty?

Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number so that we can check.

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