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XPS 15 9550 -- can't RDP in when lid is closed

Anyone else have a problem connecting to this laptop when the lid is closed?  I have my software development environment all set up on this machine and everything customized the way I like.  I had to abandon it for a while because of bsod issues, but the latest BIOS seems to have fixed fix that.  I was ready to have hope again, but then the "Intel HD Driver has stopped working" (over and over again) issue came back.  So I decided to use another, less powerful machine and remote into this one to do my development work.

But I can't remote in when the lid is closed (Yes, I have set the power options appropriately and the firewall is set correctly -- I can remote in, no problem if the lid is up). 

This machine is a bad joke.  I have had it since November 2015 - almost half a year.  The re-installs and the troubleshooting have cost me (in my time) much more than what I paid for it and, during the brief times when I had hope and thought it was working, sudden "HD Driver has stopped working" problems have undermined my professional credibility as a developer during desktop sharing sessions.

The only happy thing is that I never had enough hope that it will work to actually waste more money on a TB15 dock. 

If anyone has a quick solution, let me know.  I am past wasting lots of time trying several combinations of drivers.  Been there, done that. 

No computer purchase in 25 years as a software developer has even come close to being this awful.

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