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XPS 15 (9550), when any headphones are connected the right speaker has lower sound

Got the XPS 15 a month ago and the first time I plugged my headphones I noticed the problem

The right speaker has significantly lower sound than the left and when I wiggle the audio jack of the headphones, it gets normal for a moment and then bad again. That happens only with headphones. I tried 4 different ones. 

I reinstalled audio drivers - no luck. It seems like loose audio jack connection and not a software issue. 
Any one having the same problem? 

I guess the only solution would be sending it back for repair which I don't want 

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I guess the only solution would be sending it back for repair which I don't want 

It is a bummer for sure.

I agree that if wiggling the jack fixes a problem, then is a hardware problem. You can get an inexpensive usb audio jack to use until there is a better time to have the laptop repaired.

Jim Coates -- 18 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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Thanks for the suggestion I will look for one. 

Another temp solution I came up with yesterday is levelling the speakers. So the right one has higher volume.
But when I unplug the headphones you should go back to normal as it's still annoying :)

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Hello Peppys,

have you contacted the assistance? Do you know if the is any official solution?

I have the same issue on my xps, but the assistance seems not to know how to solve it.



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No not yet. 

I will have to call them. I got 1 year 'next day repair' or something like that so they will come to me 

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