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XPS 15 (9560) - External USB 3.0 hub disconnecting from right USB port


Iam new owner of a XPS 15 9560 (i7, 8GB, FHD) since 4 weeks.

Bacause the XPS 15 does not have Ethernet port I bought external USB 3.0 hub + Gigabit ethernet adapter - https://www.i-tec.cz/?lng=en&t=3&v=447 

If I plug it into the left USB port everithing works like expected.

However if I plug it into the right USB port the hub disconnect itself every few minutes.

USB 2.0 devices plugged into the hub stay connected whole time but Ethernet and USB 3.0 devices gets disconnect for few seconds and ther reconnect back.

If I resume system from sleep while the hub is connected to the left port it stuck in connect-disconnect loop until I manualy disconnect the hub from the port...

It hapens in Windoes 10 and also in latest Ubuntu 17.04 (In linux it just disconnect with "usb tx status -71 error")

I tried:

Update all drivers.
Update BIOS to the latest version - currently 1.3.4.
Enable / Disable USB PowerShare in BIOS.
Disable "USB selective suspend setting" in Windows power config.
Disable "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in all USB hubs and devices.
Disable all build in USB devices (Bluetooth, Webcam) and Wi-Fi.
Replace the external hub with new one. (RMA).

Nothing helped.

In my desktop PC the hub works without any problem...

Does anyone have any suggestion please?

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RE: XPS 15 (9560) - External USB 3.0 hub disconnecting from right USB port

Thank you for your message.

Please try to refresh the USB root hub drivers.

Please try connecting a USB 3.0 device directly to the port on the right side & check if the issue persists.

Open device manager

Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers

Right click on the USB device & click on uninstall (Do not check the box to delete driver)

Do the same for all drivers listed & then restart the computer.

Connect the USB device & check the functionality.

Try updating the chipset driver from this link http://dell.to/2v9NfKW  followed by the

Ethernet controller driver here http://dell.to/2f39iwx

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