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XPS 15 9560 Fan Always On

Hi Guys,

I have very recently jumped on board the XPS train and purchased the latest and greatest Dell XPS 15 9560, the 2017 model. My configuration comes maxed-out with 32gb RAM and 1tb SSD drive, powered by Intel i7 Kaby Lake processor and equipped with the gorgeous 4K display.

And I wish everything was perfect, but I after only 36 hours of use one thing is abundantly clear - this machine is far from silent because the fan is ALWAYS on.

A couple of Chrome tabs and the Media Player in the background - fans are on. Watching a 720p movie - fans are on. Sometimes I close all programs and leave it running seemingly nothing - fans are still on!

I don't know if mine is a faulty model or they are all supposed to be like that? I have read other users claim their machines are "dead silent", and I felt confused and jealous.

What's funny is that my previous laptop - a 5-year old Samsung - was silent for the most part with fans kicking up only at heavy load.

I tried changing the Cooling Policy to Passive in Power Options, but that made no difference. Unfortunately, Dell doesn't even provide a Fan Tuning utility - just a small bit of software to have more control over the cooling policy.

I would encourage anyone with the same issue to come forward, and anyone with a solution to share it with the community.



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TuPav - I just bought the same Dell XPS 15 laptop that you did (32 GB, 1 TB SSD, Intel i7) and my fan is always running as well.  I currently have one instance of Chrome open with 2 tabs as well as Kapersky Antivirus running in the background, yet the fan is still running at low speed. I downloaded Dell Command Power Manager and even when I change the Thermal Setting to "Quiet," the fan turns off for about 2 minutes then runs at low speed.  

It's quit frustrating considering this is supposed to be a premium laptop with maxed out settings and the fan seems to always be working. It becomes even more frustrating when I compare it to my Macbook Pro which currently has about 60 tabs of chrome as well as other various tabs open and is dead silent.  Even when the Dell XPS 15 is silent, I hear a low static noise emanating from the machine. Im heavily considering returning the laptop as I'm still within the return window but I don't know what other laptop has 32 gb of ram that's not 17 inches

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I experience the same behaviour after the Windows 10 Creator's update - same as these guys:

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Run the Dell Command Update app, see Dell Command | Update Version 2.3 User's Guide

Run the ePSA diagnostics for a complete check of your hardware, there you will find information about the fan, temperature and more.
See Dell support article SLN115162

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