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XPS 15 9560 very slow after sleep mode - stuck at low CPU clock speed

Bought a fully-loaded XPS 15 9560 about 3-4 weeks ago and am having issues w/ CPU clock speed, specifically after returning from sleep mode. It will get stuck at a particular ceiling and won't throttle higher, and performance is terrible. A reboot makes the problem go away. Frustrating, as I don't reboot often and like to keep applications running/open while working on several projects, simultaneously.

I'm having a hard time re-creating the issue consistently. It seems to happen most often when I let the PC sleep overnight and return to use it the next morning. I just tried triggering it by going into/back from sleep mode, both plugged and unplugged, and could not make it happen. I did have the problem this morning after leaving it in sleep overnight.

All drivers are up to date, as well as BIOS. I ran the full Dell Diagnostics and everything passed. No malware or viruses, and all unnecessary background services are disabled. It absolutely screams when running properly, after a issues otherwise. I'd just prefer not to have to shut it down after every session.

Here's a good description, though I'm not able to re-create the issue the way this person was:

I contacted support but received a very Level 1 Support response (malware, too many background services, etc.) - nothing helpful yet. Will continue w/ them as well.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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RE: XPS 15 9560 very slow after sleep mode - stuck at low CPU clock speed

Hey there,

Have you found a solution for your issue yet? I've been having the same issue for months and am completely done with it now. It seems to happen after I close the lid of my laptop and then open it again after a while - boom! Horrible performance (mouse lag, things taking ages to open, etc.) until I restart it.

Guess I will contact support as well about this issue.

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