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XPS 15 - Best setup approach

Getting the XPS 15 laptop and I was wondering if it is best to reinstall the OS or just go with the basic Dell load with the trialware?  I would like to ensure my machine doesn't have unnecessary "bloatware" but I also don't want to have to go through the hassle of putting on the OS and drivers if the base load isn't problematic?  

I tried to get the sales rep to give me a clean machine like the Signature Edition of the laptop from Microsoft but they said it wasn't possible.  They said just to remove the apps if I wanted.  


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RE: XPS 15 - Best setup approach

I've found that at least on the XPS, Latitude, and Precision models, Dell has gotten much better about keeping bloatware off the system, so much so that I've occasionally decided to just uninstall what I didn't want rather than performing a clean install right away as I used to.  Nowadays I pretty much just need to remove the trial anti-virus software and maybe some Dell documentation and stuff that I don't personally want but that I recognize is a completely justifiable inclusion for the average user.  But there aren't 6 browser toolbars, WildTangent games, etc installed anymore, again at least on the model lines I mentioned.  I don't buy Inspiron models, so I can't comment on those.