XPS 15 Headphone jack

Hey guys,

So I bought a XPS 15 9560 16gig ram, with 512 ssd, i7 FHD screen, it arrived 5 days ago and I loved it, its simply the best laptop ever. However, I am met with a strange issue, my headphone jack is useless, not as in the widespread problem with it but its physically useless, every headphone I tried to plug in, is literally not pluging in, like it will go in and just fall out...

So out of curiousity I took some pictures of the headphone jack and put flashlight next to it to see what is going on, and this is what I got:

Is this suppose to be like this? Am I doing something wrong? or am I right for assuming the worst is that dell didn't physically put a headphone jack assembly in my laptop? Please help.

Thanks, oh and if it is the latter, I'm going to return it and never touch dell ever again, its quite insane how poor the QA is.


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RE: XPS 15 Headphone jack

Hard to tell from the picture, but can you see the actual plug in the opening?  Maybe it wasn't secured internally.


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