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XPS 15 L502X Win10 . Touchpad Issue, Left click always sends clicked signal WEIRD Problem

Hi so my Windows 10 XPS L502X touchpad has started behaving weirdly. I believe this is because of some Windows 10 updates, I am not sure. 

The problem is that since laptop starts the left click seems to be sending clicked signal forever. Because of this on boot, the mouse starts in selection mode, I need to press the left click on an external mouse to disengage selection mode. But still the left click and tap to left click dont work. 

But the weird part is when I change right touch pad button to left click behavior in settings. Then even the right button would now stop working. And if I change the left click button behavior to anything else then left click behavior then left click starts working too.

Hence coming to the conclusion that its a driver issue and not hardware problem.

However when I boot my laptop in Ubuntu, the left click is again in clicked mode and starts selecting stuff. Now if this was a driver problem then why is Ubuntu showing same issue. Is this a Hardware problem now. 

Now since dell officially does not support Win 10 on L502x. I request my fellow L502x owners using Windows 10 to share their driver details. And if anyone from Dell can share their thoughts. 


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