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XPS 15 Laptop Issues

I bought the laptop last year and my warranty expired in June 2013.

The system was pathetic and so is their customer care. They do not have any care left in it but just few customers.

I bought XPS 15 with one of their best known configurations and I ended up with battery failed, adapter connector not fitting into the system (few forums suggesting change of motherboard), blue screens, and a message showing about the adapters "The AC adapter type can not be determined. your system will operate slower and battery will not charge. " . I had told customer care about this before my warranty had expired but they did not took this complaint and noted in their system so I could argue on to get it replaced as this is more of battery issue.

I am sure that my battery died because of bad adapter they provided or issue because of connectivity. Now my laptop works till the power adapter remains connected which is so lose that it disconnects every now and then.

I have no idea what to do now except that to get it to the repair center which would never repair but provide more reasons for next time repair.

Anyways, dell xps life time is 1 year so do not buy if you are planning or get more reviews before you do.




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