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XPS 15 Shutting down instead of sleeping on battery

A couple of days ago I closed the lid of my xps 15 9550 to come back an hour later and hear the fans on and the laptop was very warm. I opened it and a blue screen appeared titled - "Recovery", with the message "it looks like windows didn't load correctly". This was after simply closing the laptop over to put it into sleep mode. 

Now I've noticed this only happens when the laptop is running off its battery and is not on charge. No matter if I close it or manually put it into sleep mode I have to use the power button for it to start again which leads to the blue screen appearing. At the blue screen if I select restart PC everything seems to work fine. 

I'm puzzled, any suggestions?

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RE: XPS 15 Shutting down instead of sleeping on battery


Click the link below to download and update the bios on the computer.

XPS9550 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

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RE: XPS 15 Shutting down instead of sleeping on battery

- Try reflashing BIOS as suggested above - this seems to reset certain weird states sometimes

- In the Advanced Power Options (in power profile settings), set Sleep / Hibernate After to Never (0) - this is intended to prevent losing your work due to battery drainage after prolonged sleep, but the switchover seems to fail sometimes.

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