XPS 15 Turns on for 3 seconds and shuts off

Hi all...thanks for reading and hopefully helping.

Dell XPS L502

So when I plug in my ac adapter into my laptop the lights come on for 1/2 a second.  If I unplug the laptop and let it sit for a minute and plug it in again, lights come on for about 3 seconds then shut off.  No fan or anything...yet, keep reading plz.

I have tried the following:  Swapped chargers, swapped batteries, attempt start up without battery, held power button down for 30 seconds, replaced CMOS battery, pulled ram and attempted to start up with one ram(moved them around too), swapped hard drive with my old one that I replaced 3 weeks ago, nothing.

However, when I replaced the CMOS battery it did turn on long enough for keyboard lights to come on, fan to come on and then immediately shut down....maybe 5 seconds.  And, during one attempt of swapping around the RAM it came on with 4 beeps then shut off, indicating a RAM issue.   Don't anticipate that being an issue, but figured it was worth noting and will try RAM from another laptop just to be extra sure.

Last thing that is odd... When I plug in the AC adapter it attempts to start up and then fails as noted, but,  cannot hit the power button to attempt start up again, I have to remove the ac adapter and then reinsert it.  Battery charging light does not stay on with AC adapter inserted.

I assumed it was a power issue since it lit for only a second, but not sure if I should rule that out since replacing CMOS battery got my fan to come on for a second before shutting down.  I'm at a stand still, but willing and able to disassemble to look at possible problems, just don't know what to look for now.

Thanks all for reading!!!

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RE: XPS 15 Turns on for 3 seconds and shuts off

Hi rwl832017,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your computer is not working as expected.  In researching this, it would appear that the charging circuit may have failed.  If that is the case, the motherboard may have to be replaced.  Here is some additional information from Dell's Knowledgebase you may find helpful.  

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