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XPS 15 - USB Type C Direct to Monitor (No Hub) possible?

So, I just got my Dell XPS 15. I also have an Acer H277HU Monitor with USB type c input.

When I connect both directly with the Acer supplied usb cable, it will transfer data but will not charge the laptop nor will it show the display.

HDMI works fine.

Does the XPS 15 (Windows 10) support charging and display direct to the monitor as it can with Mac's without a hub or adapter?

Is there a windows setting or driver I'm missing or is this strictly a Mac feature?

I've tried fiddling around with the intel and NVIDIA settings as I was sure I just to enable it somehow but coming up empty.

Would be nice to have a one cable option without dropping $200 on an Adapter.


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RE: XPS 15 - USB Type C Direct to Monitor (No Hub) possible?

Same question. I bought the XPS 9560 and try to connet it to my Acer H277HU.

The XPS recognizes the USB-Hub from the Monitor, but video and power-delivery does not work.

It seems that the XPS 15 dont support the "DP-ALT Mode" via usb-c?

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