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XPS 15 - What Network Driver to use for restore from Windows Server?

Just got an XPS 15 and I wanted to immediately image it.  Problem is I can't figure out which driver I need to install to get it on my wireless network.  I thought it had the Killer NIC WiFi, so I installed that driver on the USB key that Windows Server created for bare-metal restores.  So that driver loaded, it could see the NIC, but it couldn't get on my network.

On the other hand, I could just use a USB to Ethernet adapter, but I may have the same situation where I need to load a driver for USB.

Thoughts?  What other driver should I be loading?

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You can click the link below and add your system service tag. You will the be shown your configuration.

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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Thanks.  All that is listed is Killer, which is what I thought of course.  There's no native ethernet port on the computer.  So if the hard drive blows up and I have this nice backup on my server, how do I restore if the Killer NIC WiFi driver can't seem to see the network?  Will Dell support me in diagnosing this issue or am I on my own?  I'm not being sarcastic, I'm asking because most folks don't have a server in their house.  :)

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All that is listed is Killer,

The Device Manager should show what Wi-Fi adapter you have.  The ones I have seen seem to be the 1535.  There is a Killer rep running around the forum but I have seen a couple of things from the threads.  Some folks recommend not running the Software Suite for the device and someone else said disabling the ac component of the device will help.  I have no experience but if I can get one of those devices I might try one.

USB ports will work during boots because those drivers are in the Bios.  So there is a good chance an external USB to Ethernet adapter will work during the required times.

If you can't get the Killer to work you have the option of changing out the card and use Intel instead.  If you wanted to supply the connection info or Status of the device perhaps someone could see what might be wrong.

The attachment is not from one of my Dell systems.  You can use Paint to edit out any personal info from the snipping tool picture and attach using the size 250-300 for width.

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