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XPS 1530 Keyboard Has a Mind of its Own!

In the last month or so, my keyboard has decided to switch characters around.  My "R" key will suddenly become the "B" key, the "B" key will become the "1" key.  

Each time I hit the key, it then becomes the next letter on the keyboard ie;  say I want to type the work Queen, the "Q" displays the "," and hit it "again, it will then display the character key next to the comma and continue to display every character and letter for that row and then every character for every row on the entire keyboard.  The only way to get it to snap out of it is to reboot.

This only seems to happen if the computer has been on for a while and then in the middle something I'm typing.  In other words, I'm hitting the right keys but instead of "We have been remodeling our house" showing up on the screen it will look like this; "Je 8ucv 9bc6 9z1id\,jnd 8c. jbnxe". 

Obviously my keys aren't sticking.  Is there a fix for this?  Any suggestions?  Anyone else experience this with their keyboard?

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