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XPS 1530 Touchpad Issues


I've got a XPS laptop that's less than a year old. My touchpad randomly acts up; it's not that it doesn't work at all, it just sort of jumps all over the place, or moves in a perfectly straight line (about an inch on the screen) left to right and back, regardless of where I'm actually trying to move the cursor. It's been happening for a while. Previously, I was able to either flick the touchpad to get it working again, and if that didn't work, I was able to restart to get it functioning correctly. Now that has stopped working too. The problem with calling tech support is that because of the language barrier, they don't understand that its an intermittent issue, and that it doesn't stop functioning completely. The suggested it was a software issue, but common sense (the fact that flicking the touchpad used to fix it) tells me it's more related to the hardware. When I call they just have me restart over and over until it works again. Has anyone had the issue, and what repaired it, or any suggustions. I do have a full warrenty on it.



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