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XPS 1640 / Travel Remote NU851 (Not Working.)

What happened to my post, Dell?

Does anyone have the NU851 travel remote working with their XPS 1640 and Win 7 64 bit?

I would really appreciate some help. 


I hope this post isn't sabotaged...

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Re: XPS 1640 / Travel Remote NU851 (Not Working.)

Your post was deleted because you violated the TOS for this forum. You will get a email outlining the reason.

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Re: XPS 1640 / Travel Remote NU851 (Not Working.)

Great, I love dealing with bureacreacy.  I prefer reprimand over solutions any day, thanks.

I'm returning this remote.

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Re: XPS 1640 / Travel Remote NU851 (Not Working.)

So far, the only answer I've gotten PERIOD is that I violated TOS with my post.....  Lol, what a joke.

It's not like you guys didn't auto-censor my two profane words..... One of the words was a three letter acronym anyway, lol....

And who made me so angry????  LOL, what a joke...  Stop selling these remotes Dell, or start supporting them.....

Anyway... I'll post the solution if I ever find one; if anything just to save people from the grueling Dell bureaucracy.


(Dell Chat)  What's your service tag?  Here it is....

What's your name.... Here it is.....  

Who's the owner of the computer?  Here.  

Do you have an e-mail address?  Here.  

What's your last name?  Here.

What's the service tag again?  HERE.  

It appears you have a XPS 1640 with Vista.  

Yes, I have a 1640, but with Win 7.  

It says here you have Vista.... No, I upgraded...  

Have you tried checking the batteries on the remote?  Yes, I can see it blinking in my webcam.  

OK, try checking your battery and then download these drivers....  My battery works I can see the thing BLINKING and I already have that driver downloaded.....  

What is the model number of your remote?  NU851  

It seems you've given me the wrong p/n for your remote.  Okay, I have the remote in my hand, NU851.

OK, let's go ahead and replace your remote.  HUH?  We haven't done any troubleshooting yet, why?

Not all remotes are compatible with all laptops....

OK.... is this one compatible with my laptop?

Let me check.....  (lol, why don't you find out BEFORE you have me send it in?)


UGH!!!!!!!!!  (Hour WASTED!!)  

He signed off after an HOUR of mundane, basic  questioning just leaves me hanging...... and he got paid for that!

(I wasn't being rude or profane in the least......but then I get angry aftrwards......duh, then post here and get reprimanded!!!  Wooohooo Dell!!!!  You want more money?)

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