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XPS 17 (L701x) Win 7-Win 8 Bluetooth Headset Won't Work

I've upgraded from Win 7 to Win 8 on my XPS 17 (L701x). I have a Motorola Elite Flip headset that I would like to use with the computer. I've paired it, but can't get/don't know how to get the computer to use the headset instead of any of the other microphone/speaker options. I can't easily find/access the originally installed audio controls (WaveTek?) that used to control this.



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Re: XPS 17 (L701x) Win 7-Win 8 Bluetooth Headset Won't Work

Hi tvr2500m,

XPS L701X is offered with windows windows 7 operating system and accordingly the drivers are updated on our support website. I am afraid; the windows 8 drivers are currently not available for this model.

Refer the following link for more information:


Also, refer the below link for Bluetooth settings FAQ's:


Try installing the bluetooth and quickset in compatible mode:

Bluetooth: http://dell.to/18Qu9YH

Quickset: http://dell.to/11hY8AW

  • From the "Start" or "Apps" Screen Right click or press and hold on a single program to check it, and click/tap on Open file location.
  • Right click or press and hold on a program's shortcut (LNK), EXE, or MSI file on your desktop or in Windows Explorer, and click/tap on Properties.
  • Click/tap on the Compatibility tab.
  • To Run a Program in Compatibility Mode in Only your User Account, click/tap on the Run this program in compatibility mode for box to check it.
  • Click/tap on the drop down menu arrow and select which version of Windows the program was written for.
  • When finished, click/tab on OK to apply the changes.

Please reply if you have any further questions.

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh R
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RE: XPS 17 (L701x) Win 7-Win 8 Bluetooth Headset Won't Work

I see it's been a while.  Had similar problems and found a solution.  You can check my post if you want.  I'm so happy that I'm checking other posts and sharing my success.  


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