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XPS 18 Portable All in One Desktop foot broke need part

I have a xps 18 AIO tablet/ desktop so this might be the right place.

Anyway, according to the User Manual the part I broke is titled "Right Foot"

What I need to know, is what is the part called, and number for a replacement.  Also how do I get a replacement Right Foot so I can stand up the tablet again.

To clarify what I am talking about:  There are two rubber feet on the back of the XPS 18.  These are magnetic and retractable and you can flip them out and stand up the tablet to view it like a computer monitor.  Due to the fact that it sits uneven it fell, and broke off the Right Foot (or whatever its called).

Anyone got a parts list, or know where I can get this at?  Is it a customer replaceable part (I have a huge medical imaging and electrical repair background so I can fix almost anything).  How much is this part?  and WHAT IS IT CALLED?


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