XPS 9343 screen scrambling with test pattern

Hello, I am having a very strange problem with my screen looking scrambled with a test pattern when I turn it on.  It does not boot anymore.

When I hold down the D key to do the display test, it actually flashes white, red, green, blue, and seems to pass the test.  Does anyone have any idea what's wrong?  Anyone ever seen a screen look like this?

Bad screen cable?

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RE: XPS 9343 screen scrambling with test pattern


When did the issue start on the system? Could you kindly check with an external monitor? 

Turn on the system by holding the "fn" key + power button and it should start the diags on the system. Make a note of any possible beeps that you might possibly hear. The exact # of beeps in a cycle will help isolate the source of the issue.

Based on your description, I would suspect a faulty video card and the motherboard needs to be replaced on the system.

If the system is under warranty, then contact us via Twitter - @dellcarespro for faster communication or write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details. If there is no warranty, then we can help with a paid service call if required.

Keep us updated.

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