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XPS 9360 external monitor brightness

Hello, I connect my XPS 9360 to two external Samsung monitors (one at home and one at office) with a Cable Matters USB-C HDMI adapter.
The brightness is excessive and contrast is low, so I must heavily change the controls on both monitors to get acceptable results.
Before I was using an ASUS UX32VD with internal HDMI port and the monitors were ok in their default configuration, and brightness and contrast were better than the one I get with the XPS.
Is there anything I can do on the Dell to change the brightness output on the external monitor?


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RE: XPS 9360 external monitor brightness


The only options to increase/decrease brightness is using the FN+F11,F12.

You can also boot into the bios and click the video section. You will then see where you can increase the brightness for the LCD. I cannot verify if it will also work for external monitors. 

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