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XPS 9550 Robot sound and other issues

Let's make this short and to-the-point:

- Purchased XPS15 9550 in April 2016

- Upgraded SSD to Samsung 950 Pro 512GB.  RAM is 32GB Crucial DDR4-2666

- Purchased the WD15 and TB15 docks

- I work at a high-tech company, one that designs and works on PCs, laptops, and desktops.  I have a degree in EE.  So I am very very technical.  

- OS is Win10 Enterprise x64 with my company's standard IT bundle.  


1. TB15 does not work.  USB devices will drop after 5 minutes and DP / HDMI will drop a few minutes later.  Tried all the drivers and BIOS updates.  TBT utility will fail to detect the dock even if connected. Updated TBT FW to NVM16.  It is only good for charging the battery.   

2.  WD15 partially works.  USB and DP work >80% of the time, but highly disruptive during the work day.  Decided to use it just for charging as well.

3.  Called Dell TS multiple times on the TBT problems above, and had MB replaced twice.  Problems remain.  I've just given up because their TS people have no clue about they product they are supporting, or just were not given any alternate path / options after replacing the MB twice.  I can attribute problems above to Dell's faulty TBT implementation.  

4.  Most annoying is the random, robot-voice, mouse/kb slowdown occurring a multiple times an hour.  I hear it when on Lync calls, watching videos, playing music, etc.  I tried switching from WiFi to USB-Ethernet, tried updating all the drivers, and looked at Event Viewer and Windows CPU/DISK monitors.  I could not find any evidence showing the definitive cause of the robot voice/slow down.  BTW, I am on AC power.  

Could it be related to the Samsung NVMe driver?  If not, how to debug and find the root cause?

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