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XPS 9560 Display driver issues

Hi guys,

I recently bought the XPS 9560 (e-value: Z511296AU) and have been mostly using it mostly for uni and assignments. I read that the GTX 1050 built in the laptop was able to run Overwatch with benchmarked FPS at ~59fps if not more. So I ran Overwatch on the laptop and assumed that the integrated GPU (intel) would automatically swap over to run overwatch using the 1050 display graphics. Upon playing a few games the FPS remained at a consistent 29 - 30 fps even with FPS cap above 30. I ran Dxdiag and found that the display driver when running Overwatch was the intel integrated graphics, not the GTX 1050. I googled ways on overriding the integrated graphics but did not find any answers i needed

My question is really:
Does the 1050 get capped at 30fps when running a low-mid graphics demanding game like overwatch?
Is the 1050 in a laptop different to the 1050 in a desktop?
How do i use the 1050 in my laptop specifically when gaming or has it been running the whole time?

PC specs:
CPU: 7th gen Intel i7 7700HQ
OS: Windows 10 home
HD: 256Gb SSD
GPU: Intel integrated + GTX 1050 (4GB)

Thanks in advance for reading.

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RE: XPS 9560 Display driver issues

A desktop 4GB GTX 1050 cannot be compared to a laptop 2GB GTX 1050. Dxdiag and other applications are not going to show the discrete GTX 1050 GPU. They only show the onboard Intel GPU. Open the Device Manager. Do you see both under Display adapters?

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