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XPS 9560 Speed Shift - when will Dell enable via BIOS update?

Still waiting for Dell to update BIOS to enable SpeedShift on the 9560 and 9550 premium XPS laptops.

When will this happen?

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I don't really care anymore because I could do it myself (unlike some other stuff, aaargh).

But I am curious why not.

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So searching forums I've found a UEFI edit tool, using this I can change the setup_var 0xd8 value to enable or disable speedstep.

It's literally already there, just tick the box to enable it when building the next BIOS version. As other posts here have shown you're letting competitors laptops run rings around your premium laptops because you can't be bothered to check a box. It's supported and managed by Intel, it works, just enable it.

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