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XPS L502X - WiDi - Unable to send desktop to remote display

System Specs:

CPU: i7-2720QM 

Wireless Card: Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6230


Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software version 14.00.0000

Intel WiDi version

WiDi Receiver:

Netgear Push2TV 2000

I am able to Scan for devices using the WiDi App. I was able to get through the security(PIN) confirmation process. Whenever I click the 'Connect' button, I get an error message saying 'Unable to send desktop to remote display' and another popup says 'A newer version of the firmware is available. Do you wish to upgrade now?' I click 'Yes', then nothing appears to happen.

I have tried uninstalling/installing everything including WiDi, the Intel My WiFi Technology, and my Wireless Card drivers. I have made sure both the WidiApp and Wireless PAN DHCP Servers are allowed to pass through the Windows Firewall.

According to this link, my system meets all of Intels Requirements for WiDi: http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wtech/iwd/sb/CS-031059.htm

WiDi is one of the main reasons I purchased this computer so that I could stream video podcasts to my TV.

Is there anything else I can try? Where is the issue here? (I think the WiDi receiver is functioning properly.)

Thanks in advance, Andrew

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Re: XPS L502X - WiDi - Unable to send desktop to remote display

Hi Andrew,

I have a Dell XPS15z and exactly the same problem/messages etc.

I spend hours with the netgear support, with no result....

Have anyone an idea for this problem?????

Thanks in advance, Udo




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Re: XPS L502X - WiDi - Unable to send desktop to remote display

Well, I never understood that these things were releated, but apparently they are.

I solved my problem. I have a Dell, and I remember that when I fisrst got my laptop, I went and attempted to upadate all of my drivers. I didn't rememeber anything in particular about that experince, but I'm sure most things were up-to-date and anything that wasn't I was able to install the lastest update. But after having this WiDi issue, I decided to try to update my graphics drivers again. What I didn't remember about my previous update attempts was that when I tried to update my Intel HD Graphics drivers, I received some sort of error message saything that 'The drivers I am attempting to install have not be validated by Dell. Please see your manufactures website for the latest drivers.' I thought nothing of it and went to Dell's site to get the latest drivers, and it turned out, that I had the latest according to Dell.

Well, this time around, I decided to try to install the latest drivers from Intel. Do this, I disabled the Intel HD Graphics device from the Device Manager, then booted into Safe Mode and installed the lastest drivers from Intel. I then rebooted my laptop, and attempted to connect to the WiDi receiver and it worked. The 'newer firmware' popup came up and when I clicked update, it updated the firmware of my WiDi device, and now I connect with no problems.

Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver:



P.S. To anyone from Dell reading this, don't advertise a feature if it's not going to work, or providea little more help when things don't work.

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Re: XPS L502X - WiDi - Unable to send desktop to remote display


when I read the answer before I think ....

But "ImARinkRat1" is right, I have installed the original Intel driver and my WiDi connection is running.

Thank You very much, Andrew !!!!

When i tried the update of the driver, the Intel setup program told my, "You must install a Dell driver".

Then I unzip the setup.exe and try to install only the driver (via device manager).

The device manager say then "you have the actual driver, but when I check the driver version I see the last number is different.

Then I make a complete deinstallation of the dell HD Graphics Driver and a new installation of the Intel HD Graphics Driver

and it works !!!!!!!


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Re: XPS L502X - WiDi - Unable to send desktop to remote display

I bet those at dell responsible for such a blunder are hoping one, or all of you will need to have something covered under your product warranty so they can tell you its not covered because you installed the "right" drivers to realize the full benefits of their products.

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Re: XPS L502X - WiDi - Unable to send desktop to remote display

I had the same problem.  2.5 hours with Dell Tech Support concluded with them promising to replace my brand new XPS 14Z.  After I hung up, I went to the Intel website and had that site scan my computer for current drivers.  It found a driver to replace.  I downloaded and installed the driver and was able to make it work.  Try that.

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