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XPS M140 Malicious Virus found!!!!

Theres 2 malicious virus found on my laptop! Its extremely obnoxious and it makes my laptop perform slower than usual.


Basically I tried to fix the problem by Launching the Driver Reset Tool. Its supposedly makes my laptop go back to factory performance..? However that didnt work...? Maybe I missed a step-- though I followed the setup instructions.... Or maybe Im suppose to open a different file. I dont know. I lost the manual. :)


Any other suggestions?

I went to Best Buy they have a $100 fee for the Geek squad to fix the problem and 2 weeks wait! I dont want to wait that long its imperative the laptop gets fixed HELP!



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Yes I did Restoring my [Dell] computer to the factory settings' twice already.


^^By the way Its basically CTRL F11. I have the controls memorized now.


It didnt say that if nothing worked I couldnt restore the system again. So I CTRL F11 once more followed all the promps..!! W.E.


It seems to be working better... ...Than the First time around when I had set it on restore. 


So now.. Im contemplating whether I should work on the laptop some more :) 'till the weekend to get it checked for viruses.

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